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In 2020 a group of teams decided to try an open build season, creating the Open Alliance. The #openalliance members all believe that FRC can have a greater impact on all teams if our ideas are shared throughout the season. With the end of The Bag, there was a concern that FRC teams would become more secretive. The Open Alliance was formed with the hope of stopping that trend before it had a chance to start. We think that teams can share information and still be competitive, and that a rising tide lifts all boats.

The #openalliance started small and informal in 2020 to give the concept a chance to grow and evolve organically. All #openalliance teams agreed to have open designs and code, and be willing to answer questions and provide help where able. 

After two seasons of success and sharing, it’s time to take #openalliance to the next level. Effective immediately, any team can be an #openalliance member.

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